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Uniform Store

Virginia Transportation Employees are provided with a uniform stipend each calendar year. This stipend is intended to offset the Employee’s cost of purchasing items required to be in compliance with company policies while performing their jobs.

If you have any questions about uniforms or need your login information for the store, please complete the form below and Donna will be in touch.

Please note the following regarding Auto Hauler Boot Reimbursement:

  • All new hires receive 5 shirts at orientation and a partial coupon credit to the uniform store. The following January, that credit coupon resets to the full amount. Any auto hauler that wishes to be reimbursed for boots must order a full set of uniforms and be with the company for a minimum of one year.
  • Boots must comply with Virginia Transportation’s safe shoe policy.
  • A receipt and a photo of the boots must be submitted to Donna when requesting reimbursement.
  • For the boot reimbursement to be approved, there must be comparable credit remaining on your uniform store coupon. The boot reimbursement will be manually deducted from the coupon balance.
  • Only one pair of boots per calendar year are eligible to be reimbursed.