Established in 1994, Virginia Transportation Corporation has grown from a single-truck operation into a leading nationwide automobile carrier and network logistics service provider. Our customers include major automobile manufacturers, car dealerships, automotive auctions, personal vehicle owners, classic car enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

Whether you want to move one car or an entire squadron, we have one of the most pristine auto-hauling truck fleets on the road. This ensures our customers receive consistent auto-hauling experience with a deliberate emphasis on safety and efficiency.

Our customers get nothing less than perfection because they deserve the best, and we will deliver it. Exceeding customer expectations is our mission for success, which our track record proves that it’s working for us.

Virginia Transportation Corporation has set its sights on a goal – to be the best auto-hauler in the nation and to work relentlessly towards this goal. The difference lies in our devoted President whose vision and dedication have made this company a well-known participant in the automotive industry. Because of his vision to have an empowered team with a consistent focus on individual customer experiences, VTC is a company that stands on its own merits and are always on the road to continued success and development.


No business can ever succeed without a passionate, friendly, and professional team striving to give customers the best service possible. Our hard-working team of automotive industry specialists includes auto-haulers, terminal managers, quality-control experts, and safety enforcement.

We all abide by the following guiding principles and concepts to assure your vehicle’s safety. Every member of the Virginia Transportation Corporation team operates with four core principles set to align everything we do with customer satisfaction.

Devotion to Safety

Our customers trust us with their vehicles because we set vehicle safety as our leading priority. We have developed our transportation services around our customers’ needs for the safe shipment of their automobiles.

Strict rules, constant monitoring, the latest technology, and the best equipment in the auto-hauling industry are the keys to our successfully safe auto-hauling services. Our team is all about continually improving safety enforcement through routine habits, encouragement of open communication, and recognizing the needed areas for improvement.

Exceeding Expectations

We constantly work to improve our services by taking the time to evaluate and understand vehicle shipping needs, and tailoring them to meet expectations of high quality and customer satisfaction. Our innovative methods and continued foresight have led us to become the preeminent provider in the automotive transportation industry.

Our company culture encourages every team member to go above and beyond expectations at all times.

Appreciating Our Team

If it wasn’t for our great people, Virginia Transportation Corporation wouldn’t have achieved the success it has. Virginia Transportation Corporation continually honors the dedicated team members who have contributed to our success through their hard work and passion to be the best at everything we do.

Here at Virginia Transportation Corporation, we understand the vital role each and every one of our team members play in the success and reputation of our company. Because of this, everything we do is focused on supporting and improving employee skills through training, coaching, and collaboration.

Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

Our mission for Continuous Improvement is driven by the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen simply means “improvement”. Kaizen is a team-based approach towards implementing process changes in small increments.

No matter how hard an individual may work, the achievements reached on his/her own are nothing compared to those reached through teamwork. Teamwork, not individualism, drives the Kaizen thinking. Kaizen is ideal for creating a work-atmosphere that rewards everyone.