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by | Feb 23, 2023 | General

Quarterly Meeting – February 2023

On February 14th, 2023 roughly 75 VTC Auto Haulers met up with members of our operations and support teams in Lincoln, AL for a day of excitement interactive safety meeting. The group was comprised of Southern Region, Talladega and Road Board Auto Haulers, Senior Managers, Driver Managers and representatives from our Brokerage, Safety, Quality, Fuel, EveryFleet and Maintenance Teams.

We had two separate sessions, morning and afternoon, and those sessions were comprised of 5 breakout sessions each.  Those breakout sessions were led by Jeff from Maintenance, Deanna from Safety, Marissa from Quality, Diane from Fuel, and Chris from EveryFleet. All of the sessions were woven together through one common theme: Distracted Driving & Collision Avoidance.

The group gathers together.

We started off each session with a bite to eat and some casual conversation. After snacking and mingling for a bit, Auto Haulers rotated through the breakout sessions in smaller groups. During the breakout sessions, we encouraged attendees to ask questions and share their experiences. This gave us all the opportunity to learn from each other and created an open dialogue which is an essential part of creating a safe and successful work environment.

Auto Hauler Jorge raises his hand to ask a question during the Safety breakout session.

In addition to the mini-sessions, Auto Haulers were also able to interact with some of our Driver Managers and members of our Senior Management Team including Leo, Wendy, Adam, Brian, Paul and Lou. Drivers were able to ask them questions, provide suggestions, learn about new business, and simply spend some valuable time together.

Auto Hauler Drew chats with Paul, our CFO.

At the end of each session, we held a raffle for attendance incentives. This was a great way to encourage participation in the Fuel, Quality, Safety, Maintenance and EveryFleet breakout sessions and to reward our Auto Haulers for their commitment to safety.

Auto Hauler Lakeisha poses with our session leaders after winning a gift card in the raffle.

Overall, the day was a great success and we are extremely pleased with the level of engagement and participation from our Auto Haulers. We look forward to continuing to host these meetings in the future in other regions we serve.


Check out the event through Brian’s eyes.

Armed with a selfie stick and some caffeine, our Executive VP Brian Rhodes shows us the event through his lens:


Strike a pose.