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At Virginia Transportation Corporation, we are a family of dedicated auto hauling specialists who work together constantly towards the common goal of being the best auto hauling company on the road. Our vision of growth is driven by our will to provide our employees with career opportunities and stability. Because we recognize the value our people bring to the company, we believe in fostering and developing talent, we embrace all contributions, and we empower our employees to take action in their jobs.

Born in 1994, we have become a leading automobile carrier and network logistics service provider operating across the U.S. and Canada. From major automobile manufacturers to personally owned vehicles, we are trusted throughout the industry because of our experience and expertise.

We believe that in order to deliver great service to our customers, we first need to take great care of our employees, so we build strong relationships with all our team members and their safety always comes first. We also take pride in the quality of our fleet and in our ability to manage it flawlessly. Our commitment to collaboration, quality, and safety is what sets us apart.



We offer free or reduced-cost single-member health coverage and discounted family plans


We reward your hard work with paid vacation, sick time, personal time, and holiday pay


We offer a $150,000 company-paid life insurance policy and competitive rates for family members

Birthday Gifts

To celebrate, we give you a $150 Birthday Incentive Gift during the month of your Birthday!

Disability Insurance

Our paid short-term disability policy will give you the peace of mind of being protected


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Non-Auto Haulers

If you have questions about any non-Auto Hauler position, please contact the Human Resources Department by clicking the button below or calling them at
(401) 304-9249 ext. 3009

Auto Haulers

If you have questions about an Auto Hauler position, please contact the Recruiting Department by clicking the button below or calling them at
(401) 206-5114.



“VTC has a solid foundation and the right recipe for success.”

“VTC has the dedication and support to allow the drivers to succeed.  The entire organization embraces openness and willingness to listen and understand the needs of its drivers. Join a company that is leading the industry and setting the standard. A company that prides itself on being the best employer possible. VTC has a solid foundation and the right recipe for success.”

Anthony G, VTC Auto Hauler


“What sets VTC apart from the competition is that we never settle! At Virginia Transportation, we are always working to improve our processes to stay ahead of the curve. For anyone interested in joining VTC, I would say get ready to be on the winning team! We truly are a family here. You’re treated with respect no matter who you are or what your position is within the company.”

Alycia W, Training Supervisor

“You’re treated with respect no matter who you are or what your position is within the company.”

"VTC offers the complete package. As a man with a family, the insurance benefits offer a full package that are much needed. The compensation it also top-notch. Lastly, our equipment! I mean, we have the best of the best out there on the road. I don’t own the truck, but I treat it like I do. I take care of it as I would my own and am proud to be driving it."

Jonny G, VTC Auto Hauler

"Being part of the VTC family is an awesome feeling. Knowing I can call or show up to the shop or office and everyone knows my name is great. It really is like a family. Being somewhere where you are not just a number is pretty great."

Oscar S, VTC Auto Hauler

"At Virginia Transportation we have set ourselves apart from the competition through our commitment to our customers, our fleet of first-rate equipment, and our company culture. Being part of the VTC family means knowing that your fellow Auto Haulers and Office Staff have your back from the President and everyone down the line. Join one of the best auto hauling companies in North America!"

Joe K, VTC Auto Hauler

"Working at Virginia Transportation means being surrounded by people who help you, support you and guide you to grow with the company."

Crystal C, Maintenance Customer Service Rep

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