Future Car Haulers

September 30, 2020

Recently, we received a wonderful message from a mother of two young twin boys: 

Not sure if you can get this message to your Auto Hauler or not but I would love to pass along – We live in the south and I have twin 3-year-old boys. We saw one of your drivers unloading at a local Honda dealership and my boys were absolutely enthralled. We pulled in a parking lot across the busy street so they could watch and they loved watching the driver unload all of the cars from his trailer. This is something they’ll talk about for weeks! In the midst of daily life, I often forget to sit and enjoy their awe and wonder. And to the driver who had no clue we were watching you – please know you made their day! 

Once we heard about the great impact that one of our professional Auto Haulers had on these young boys, we knew that we had to let the Driver know.

We also knew that we had to do something extra special for these young boys.

After getting in touch with their mom, we put together a special package for the boys and shipped it out to them.

Oh my gosh! That is so sweet to send them something! They have seen those kinds of carriers in books before and I’ve always asked how they get the cars on and off. My husband and I really didn’t know! So it was such a treat to be able to see it happen in real life. And the  driver probably had no clue and just went about his day but I thought he might enjoy hearing the excitement that our boys had watching him.

When Cooper and Brooks received the package, their mom was kind enough to send us some photos of the very excited boys in their new VTC gear.

They were SO excited! Thank you! Y’all have some fans for life!

We’re pretty sure that they will grow into these shirts eventually…

We’re looking forward to adding these future car haulers to our 2035 recruiting plans!

Please note that this story and accompanying photos were shared with permission from their mom.

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