The changing dynamics of automobile transportation have driven the Auto Transport Industry to search for methods to reduce costs and emissions to meet the demand for innovative and efficient vehicle transport solutions.

In 2011, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. auto logistics challenged Virginia Transportation Corporation to develop an environmentally-friendly solution for the transport of vehicles from Honda’s Lincoln, Alabama Manufacturing Facility. Mr. Leo Doire, Owner and CEO of Virginia Transportation Corporation, immediately gathered the industry’s finest team of suppliers, engineers, innovators, designers, visionaries, and dreamers together to bring this concept to reality.


Mr. Doire and the dedicated team of employees at Virginia Transportation Corporation extend our sincere appreciation to Greg Arscott and The Pete Store, Peterbilt of Denton, TX, Jeff Martin and Cottrell, Inc., and Ivan Barnes and Fontaine Modification Company for developing a state-of-the-art tractor/trailer combination that complies with the height, width, length, and weight requirements of Federal and State Laws, while producing a load factor that could efficiently transport motor vehicles. Also to David Benner (Director of Business Development) and Charles Runge (Business Development) of Mainstay Fuel Technologies, CNG systems’ manufacturer, who were engaged to provide the fuel systems which are integral in the operation of the transporters.

Working closely with CNG Suppliers and Alabama Natural Gas, Virginia Transportation Corporation launched construction of a state-of-the-art CNG Generating and Fueling station at Talladega, AL designed and built by TrilliumCNG to fuel the auto transporters that will provide transport from the Honda Lincoln, Alabama Manufacturing Facility to the new CSX rail loading facility at Talladega, AL.

The Virginia Transportation Corporation Fleet of CNG-Fueled Transporters will commence transport with 30 units in January 2016. The Fleet has the potential to grow upwards to 40-50 units as additional equipment comes off the manufacturing line. Honda will ship approximately 1,200 – 1,400 vehicles per day from Lincoln, AL to Talladega, AL for movement by rail to their Dealer Network.

A special thanks to American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and American Honda Logistics for their dedication to the environment and ushering in a new age of automobile transport.

About Virginia Transportation Corporation

Virginia Transportation Corporation is a leading nationwide automobile carrier and network logistics service provider within the Continental US and Canada.

Virginia Transportation Corporation has set their sights on a goal – to be the best auto-hauler in the nation and to work relentlessly towards this goal. The difference lies in our devoted President whose vision and dedication has made this company a well-known participant in the automotive industry. His vision to have an empowered team, from logistics support through dedicated auto-haulers, with a consistent focus on individual customer experiences, has made this company stand on its own merits and placed us on the road to continued success and development.

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