Management Operations Update: The Machine Starts to Churn!

Good afternoon to everyone.

As always, I’ll start by saying that I hope everyone and their loved ones are healthy and safe.

It feels so good to be writing these words to you all today – I’m happy to report that our company is progressively (and safely!) churning out more and more work with each passing day, and this is once again generating the revenue that will keep our company strong as well as allow more and more of our co-workers to return to active duty!

Over the past few weeks, we have been laying the groundwork for this surge by developing procedures and practices to keep our workforce safe…this is our most solemn duty and our first priority. In conjunction with that, we are also aggressively attending to our other main priority, which is to keep the company financially healthy and to strengthen our position in the industry so we all can preserve our livelihoods. The safety measures we are implementing and continuing to refine plus our proactive efforts to collaborate with our OEM partners to deliver all available freight plus our aggressive solicitation of non-contracted work are all bearing fruit.

In addition to the obvious benefits these measures are providing, an added benefit of these efforts is that our already strong reputation in the marketplace is being bolstered even further – we’re one of very few auto hauling companies providing reliable capacity to haul cars at the moment. As the rest of the industry frets over what to do next, our fleet of professional auto haulers is out there making it happen TODAY with the passionate support of our outstanding administrative staff. We literally have so much work to do now that we’ve been calling auto haulers who have been inactive to date and inviting them to come back to work…and the return of increasing numbers of the administrative staff will certainly follow.

Some highlights:

· Enterprise Rent-a-Car Project – Since the beginning of this week, we’ve been in the midst of a massive move, relocating ERAC rental units from various locations in Florida to the Atlanta Motor Speedway just south of Atlanta, GA. There are literally thousands of vehicles to move and we’ve sent a large portion of our active fleet down to the Southeast to help out… Our strong showing on this project has impressed the folks at Enterprise, and this will unquestionably lead to even more work with them in the future.
· VOLVO Shuttle – We’re in the midst of moving nearly 1,300 units between the Port of Charleston, SC to the VOLVO Plant in Ridgeville. As with the Enterprise project, we’ve made a very strong showing in Ridgeville and we are exceeding Volvo’s expectations with our incredible service.
· Dealer-Direct Work – As more and more dealers start to accept cars, more of our normal contracted freight is becoming available for us to move. We’ve been doing more and more work, with notable increases in the Mid-Atlantic region, the NY/NJ metro area, as well as the upper Mid-West.

I couldn’t be more proud of how each one of you and how all of us as a collective group has faced the pandemic, how we’ve all looked out for and cared for one another during these trying times, and how we are now boldly and safely charting a path forward. This is our nature…we will continue to strive forward, pioneering the way to safely and profitably do business in the era of COVID-19…VTC LEADS THE WAY!!!

Thank you as always for tuning in, and I sincerely look forward to sharing more and more positive news in the coming days and weeks.

Warm regards,

Brian Fabó Rhodes
General Manager
VIRGINIA Transportation Corporation®
141 James P. Murphy Ind Hwy
West Warwick, RI 02893
C: 401.808.0221

Please call (401) 234-1530 to speak with a member of our team if you have any questions or concerns.

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