Companies that hire drivers and specialize in any form of transportation face a certain number of shared challenges, but each one has its individual challenges as well. For the automotive transportation industry, those challenges often come from the sheer size and scope of their vehicles.

Ensuring that drivers have the proper training to maneuver their trucks as well as the cargo they’re carrying is essential to the success of such companies. It’s so important to Virginia Transportation Corporation that they rely on Smith System training for every driver.

Providing auto transportation services throughout the United States and Canada, Virginia Transport has nearly 500 drivers who work daily to move vehicles from one location to the next. That can mean a single vehicle or an entire fleet, but each one must arrive safely, efficiently and on time.

Deanna dela Cruz, director of safety compliance for the company, says that adding Smith System driver training to their onboarding process has made a significant difference in how the company approaches new hires — and the response has been enthusiastic.

“The new drivers really embrace the training,” she says. “We’re able to relate all of The Smith5Keys®, which are relevant to our company as far as common mistakes we see. It makes a difference in how they respond to situations on the road.”

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