What do I do if my units are covered in dirt and I can’t see the damages?

If units are Snow/Ice/Dirt/Pollen/Mud/covered during inspection:

  • Take pictures of the units in bay that are covered & send to quality (401-889-2381)
  • Code the damages that you can see
  • Write in comments “Unable to do proper inspection due to (Fill in reason here)”

***We can’t push back on these types of claims if we don’t have pictures or any note of it at pickup***

What do I do if it’s raining hard and I can’t look for damages?

If the weather conditions are bad during inspection (Raining or snowing too hard):

  • Take pictures of units in bay and send to quality (401-889-2381)
  • Code damages you can see
  • Write in comments “Unable to do proper inspection due to weather”



Do I have to take a picture every time I have a damage?


How should I be taking pictures at pickup?

  • Take pictures of the unit IN BAY (Want to see the lines), of the damage itself, the VIN, and any bay ticket or load sheets with the codes noted & showing any yard sign offs.

What do we need to provide to be able to push back on pre-load claims?

  • Photos showing damage and of the unit in bay
  • Photo of LOAD SHEET and/or BAY TICKET (with damages noted & if needed, a signature)
  • Pre-load document – i.e. Ship as is sheet from yard (with damages noted)

Should I call and report my damages, or wait for someone to call me?

  • Never wait. We need YOU (the driver) to call Quality (401-889-2381) and let us know if a dealer has found damage during their inspection of the vehicles. Try to call the same day or the day after the damage happens. However, we know you won’t always be able to. If not, we will call you but reporting it helps us get the most up to date information.
  • Its hard to push back on claims when were calling drivers about damages from a month ago and they can’t remember anything.

What do I do if there is no one available to sign for damages at the yard?

  • Call dispatcher and have unit dropped from load if signature is required and no one is available

What do we do if there is damage upon delivery?

  • Take pictures of the damage and the panel it is on (left front door, rocker panel, etc.,)
  • Take picture of VIN
  • Take picture of load configuration (Only if damage is found while unit is still on truck)
  • Write up damages AT DELIVERY – Enter CODES, comments are in addition to codes not in place of. Comments do not transfer to the documentation for dealers.
  • Receive signature on tablet from person inspecting vehicles

What do we do if a dealer refuses to sign for damage?

  • Get the person inspecting your unit’s name
  • Write in the customer name/signature box: “(Insert name here) refused to sign due to (Put reasoning here)”
  • TAKE PICTURES OF LOAD (needed to push back on claims if damage is reported at later date)

What do we do if a dealer refuses a unit?

  • Let dealer know that we are unable to put any vehicles back onto our truck as it is against our clients’ policy. If they want to get the unit off their lot, they need to call the manufacturer and request a return to be credited back properly and have the unit picked up
  • If they have any concerns or give you a hard time.. Have them call the Quality Department          (401-889-2381)

What do I do if I have been waiting for someone to come check in cars longer than 15 minutes after I have notified them?

  • Make sure you have at least waited 15 minutes and made best attempt to try and contact dealer
  • Call Dealer Relations (401-206-5203)
  • If Dealer Relations is unavailable.. Call Quality Department (401-889-2381)

What do I do if I have to STI (After hour delivery)?

  • Unload vehicles from truck
  • Park units in lot where you are directed to do so
  • Inspect units to check for damages
  • Write up any damages you may see and take pictures
  • If no damages found, always take pictures of the STI load parked on dealer lot
  • In signature box.. write “STI”

What do I do if I get to the dealer after hours and they are listed as no STI?

  • You should be paying attention to the times the dealerships close so you can plan out your time appropriately
  • If delivering on a holiday.. double check with your dispatcher to check if there are holiday hours you need to go by instead
  • Call Dealer Relations (401-206-5203)
  • If no one available in Dealer Relations.. Call After Hours Dispatch (401-680-4991)

Why did I lose my bonus?

  • You may have lost your bonus due to a damage that you caused during transit or a damage you may have missed at pickup.
  • Yes, even if you do not cause the damage it will still be put on you if you missed noting it at pickup.
  • Yes, the damage will be on you even if the units were dirty at pick up. You need to note that the units were dirty at pickup and take pictures for us to be able to deny this claim
  • If not because of a damage, you may have lost your bonus due to a VIN load/unload error, this you will need to speak to your dispatcher about

Where can I find yard/dealer instructions ?

  • In your stops information on your tablet
  • This should have all the information you need on where to park units, where to unload units, if a dealer is an STI allowed location, and any rules that the yard/dealer need you to follow
  • **THIS IS IMPORTANT** If we don’t follow the directions that we are given, we could be responsible for any claims that follow

What do I do if a dealer wants me to write up a damage I do not agree with?

  • We do not want you arguing with the dealers about damage as that can affect our relationship with them
  • Write up the damage and TAKE PICTURES
  • Anything that could be “buffed out” or “washed off” is still something they may want you to write up
  • Call the quality department (401) 889-2381 and inform us of what is going on

What does it mean if there is an area on the unit that has tape or white chalk?

  • This could indicate a damage on the unit that the yard is pointing out for you to write up
  • This DOES NOT always mean that the damage is pre-noted somewhere
  • We want you to to put ALL damages in your tablet even if they are already noted somewhere else
  • We also need pictures of these damages at pickup to push back on claims

How do I load a Mustang Mach-E?

  • Only comes with 1 key
    • If dealers are refusing to sign, have them call our Quality Department at (401) 889-2381
  • CAN NOT be put in any position other than #4, #5, and #9
  • DO NOT load the Mach-E in any other position as it will cause damage to the undercarriage 
  • Soft strap over the tires, NO CHAINS
  • Transition points must
  •  be as flat as possible to prevent underbody damages
  • Adjustable deck-plates on lower deck directly behind the cab, must be in the LOWEST position
  • Is standard RWD, Optional AWD
  • Turn off vehicle before exiting (to avoid battery drain)
  • If vehicle wont start, do the following:
    • Press the Push-button-start on time to check battery range
    • If dead, contact someone at yard or dispatcher to report the dead battery and see if it should get jumped

What do I do if a unit is NOT in Transport Mode at the pickup location?

  • If a vehicle is not in transport mode at the pickup location then the yard must be notified to see if unit is shippable
  • If you don’t know who to contact in yard or port then look around to see if there are any guards or people walking around that would be able to assist
  • If still unable to contact someone at yard, reach out to Quality (401-889-2381) and someone will be able to help

What do I do if I lock keys in a unit during an STI drop?

  • If you accidentally lock keys in a unit and there is no one there for you to contact do these steps:
    1. Call the dealership and either speak to someone in the sales or service department to let them know that the keys are locked in the unit.
    2. *If no one at dealership answers, leave a voicemail.
    3. Call quality and LEAVE A VOICEMAIL if after hours explaining the situation so we are made aware before the dealer contacts us.

What should I do if I notice a damage on a unit AFTER I’ve pulled it from the bay and put on my truck?

  • ANY damage that is missed in bay, must be written up AT DELIVERY
  • We have moved this unit already, making that unit now in our possession where any damage found is now ours
  • Damages found on units once on truck, is now considered OUR damage and must be written up as such.

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