Pride In Your Ride Awards

Virginia Transportation Corp. provides top-quality equipment for our Auto Haulers. We launched the Pride In Your Ride contest for our Auto Haulers to earn an incentive along with personal recognition of being among the best we have in the company. Each quarter, our professional Auto Haulers with the cleanest, sleekest, proudest rigs are nominated by their peers for the Pride In Your Ride award. This elite group of Auto Haulers represents our Top Pride In Your Ride nominees. They are awarded an incentive bonus along with a truck care package to keep their equipment looking spotless. All quarterly winners will be entered into the grand yearly drawing for the chance to win the use of a customized Truck of the Year for their next assigned truck.

We at Virginia Transportation Corp. pride ourselves on having high-quality, professional employees that enjoy working with the best equipment available along with being employed with the finest auto transport company. This program is one that we are proud to be able to recognize our Auto Haulers who prove that Virginia Transportation Corp. is truly an auto haul company for Auto Haulers built by Auto Haulers.

2019 4th Quarter Pride In Your Ride Award winners:

Ryan Foster, Road Board Ops
Truck #91969

Mike Johnson, Mid-West Region
Truck #75669

Tony Kerr, Southern Region
Truck #102269

Oscar Segovia, Northern Region
Truck #98369

Mike Wargo, Sr., Mid-Atlantic Region
Truck #84869

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