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In Loving Memory

Paul “Peter Paul” Worden Doane

November 13, 1944 – November 27, 2020

Virginia Transportation Corporation lost a very dear member of our family on November 27th, 2020.

Paul Worden Doane (or “Peter Paul” as many of us knew him) was an honest man who cared more about all of us than we may ever truly understand. He was a true legend in the auto hauling industry and a man whose presence demanded respect.

Everyone who was lucky enough to know him has a story or two about Peter Paul…

Peter Paul always had a story about the good old days and had pictures to back up what you’d think was a tall tale… You’d never think putting 10 Lincoln Town Cars on a mid-rail coming out of Boston was possible until he showed you the pictures to prove it was done.

– VTC Auto Hauler Frank Randazzo

“Uncle” Pete was a man that will never be replaced. You consider yourself lucky if you encounter a person like him in life. He always answered the call and always had a story that was relevant to your current issue. He was honest with you and would give you tough love to help you through any situation where you needed guidance. Then he would laugh and change the subject to boost you back up. All the calls ended the same way, “love ya kid”! 

-VTC Mobile Technician, Kenny Marshall, Jr.


There was just such a magic about “Uncle Pete” that I’ll never be able to explain. It was an honor and a privilege working with him. Of course, I was starstruck when I learned who his family was. But soon realized he was a legend because of who HE was.
-VTC Auto Hauler, Joe Mayo

The most notable Peter Paul story for the company though is that back when VTC was first getting started, he got us our very first meeting with American Honda, a contact that has grown tremendously over the years. We are now the largest transporter of Honda vehicles in North America and we owe it all to Peter Paul.

In fact, before we had any real offices or departments, Leo, Peter, and a few of our very first Auto Haulers just about worked themselves to death to complete an overflow project with volumes that were seemingly unachievable. They got the job done and thus solidified our Driver-First mentality and the concept of work hard and be rewarded. This mentality is still something that we view as the backbone of our company today.

Rest In Peace, Peter “Peter Paul” Doane.

Memories of Paul “Peter Paul” Doane

When Faye texted me and told me he had passed, I was heart broken. I had messaged her a day or two before to tell him hello.

I have great memories of my time at VTC, and he was on of them. I was in the Canada area for 8 months and spent a lot of time with him being amazed as he would just pitch in and work on trucks - especially getting pistons to thaw. He was a humble man of great stature, and not once did he throw his weight around. He fit in perfectly with the "guy" and always greated you with that smile and grin. I'm sure everyone that met him knows what I mean. He also had a personal relationship with each drivers and seemed to find that perfect business/ personal mix. We at Virginia (past and present) drivers are link by our affection for Peter Paul. God bless his soul, his family, and Virginia Transportation.

One memorable trip was early 2000's . We were taking loads away from the union guys so we met at Newark at 2 am to avoid them . We loaded up with kias 7 of us 84,000 lbs headed for Florida. That's when you showed me how to leave 1 of my trailer tires off the weigh in motion scale and get bypass. We made it to Florida with no tickets but that trick wouldn't work on them . We thought we'd go around but the 1A yule scale was open at 1 am. You called Leo because you had to pay on the spot then. We went back to 95 you still leading and hung the paid tickets out the window as we drove by. Another memorable Florida Trip was bringing loads down to ocoee and we were supposed to reload toyotas back. Brent one of the owner operators had gotten there first but had to fly home when his wife found out his girlfriend was in the truck. We couldn't reload so we went to that Pink dive motel with the bar down the street. Yeah on second thought maybe I shouldn't repeat that story. I'm sure you're laughing if you remember that weekend pete . Going to miss you

I was there from 2000 on and can verify the miracles we pulled off. I remember pete having a 2000 maroon mid rail with chicken lights . He and Leo were going to share. Pete bought a freight hauler load lock . Put it across the sleeper . He hung all his clothes on the load lock and slept under them. Most of my adventures started with. Hey kid you're with me lol.

Although I was not an “official” employee of VTC. I worked with Peter many times in many places. He was the hardest working man in what ever he was asked to do. I am proud to call him a true friend and will be greatly missed

Peter Paul was a Great Person that I met when we first open the Wilmington Ramp
Peter and I worked on a few Projects together
He will definitely be missed in my Book Of Life
Peter just remember I love you and miss you!!! God must have needed some help with showing people how to count your steps!!!!


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