The Network Planning Team is visiting various VTC locations to discuss the exciting new changes on the horizon.  These changes are a result of listening to our Auto Haulers, our Operations Staff, our Customers, and constantly looking for ways to improve.

Day 7 – East Brookfield, MA

Today we visited East Brookfield, MA and we made it to the yard in the afternoon and met with the group at Charlie’s. Great information was exchanged and the plan was well explained and received. Many thanks to June, David & Greg for hosting!

Day 6 – Ridgefield & Port Jersey

We were in the NJ area today visiting both Ridgefield and Port Jersey. Dinner was at Segovias in Little Ferry and the message was clear from Deb on the Network Planning Process. Thanks to Geilza for hosting us!

Day 5 – Twin Oaks & Wilmington

Today we went to Twin Oaks & Wilmington and had a great get together at Di Paola in Pennsville, NJ. Questions were fielded and Deb explained the new Network Planning process. Brian wished all a Happy Holiday Season.

Day 4 – Jessup, MD

Today we landed in Jessup and continued to get the message out about the new planning process. Dinner was served at Timbuktu’s (restaurant, not the city). Tomorrow, off to Wilmington and Twin Oaks! 

Day 3 – Alabama Part 2

Today we continued in Lincoln, Alabama and met with Auto Haulers from both Dealer Direct and the Talladega Shuttle. All went well and the message was well received!

Day 2 – Alabama

Today the Team moved on to Alabama and had a productive dinner get together with some of our Auto Haulers. Debbie talked about the Network Planning Project and fielded questions. Thanks to Wendy for organizing the event!

Day 1 – Marysville, OH

The Team visited with drivers at Marysville yesterday detailing the new Network Planning Process. Auto Haulers and Office Staff came to dinner where the process and other issues were discussed. On to to Alabama!

Virginia Transportation Corporation is hiring experienced Auto Haulers. To apply, please click here or call (401) 206-5114.