June 2020

Happy Summer, Everyone!

We would like to welcome all new employees that recently joined the VTC Family. We’re so happy to have you here!

Alan Meacham – Auto Hauler, Southern
Arnaldo Mercedes-Castillo – Auto Hauler, Southern
Carlos Dal Gobbo – Auto Hauler, Southern
Charles Browning – Auto Hauler, Roadboard
Charles Mapaliey – Auto Hauler, Southern
Derrick Parker – Auto Hauler, Southern
Jose Castro Diaz – Auto Hauler, Northern
Mark Stewart – Auto Hauler, Roadboard
Matthew Erving – Auto Hauler, Roadboard
Ramon Jimenezgrullon – Auto Hauler, Northern
Randall Morin – Auto Hauler, Northern
Trenton David Laborde – Auto Hauler, Mid-Atlantic


Stanley Bedgood – 1 year
Melvin Busby – 1 year
Rodney Clark – 1 year
Robert Cottman – 1 year
Walter Greer – 1 year
Wendy Grieger – 1 year
Michael Hicks – 1 year
Cache Holmes – 1 year
Thomas McFadden – 1 year
David Pitts – 1 year
Kerry Lynn Tanner – 1 year
Delvin Thompson – 1 year
Daniel Chaves – 5 years
Britton Iaco – 5 years
Jay King – 5 years
Wayne Smith – 5 years
Tyrone Williams – 5 years


Robin Watters – 6/1
Matthew Johns – 6/2
Timothy Bailey – 6/3
Troy Yates – 6/3
Dennis Dunn – 6/4
Michael Allamby – 6/7
Ismael Maldonado – 6/7
Sean McKay – 6/9
James Rasberry – 6/9
Jaime Gallardo-Rodriguez – 6/11
Steven Hubbard – 6/11
Sandra Sliwoski – 6/11
Filipi Favarato – 6/12
Becca Fulford – 6/12
Yoann Inquel – 6/12
James Johnson – 6/12
Alexander Rivera – 6/12
Terry Womack – 6/12
Christopher Anderson – 6/13
Lucio Biancamano – 6/13
Ramon Jimenezgrullon – 6/13
Mark Nichols – 6/14
Roderick Bullock – 6/15
Adam Vogel – 6/16
Wendy Grieger – 6/17
Kristan Slater – 6/17
Dillon Woodward – 6/17
Jason Mills – 6/18
Shawn Walker – 6/19
Jamal Timms – 6/21
Jeffery Brun – 6/22
Betty Cox – 6/22
Robert Kyes – 6/22
Christopher Doire – 6/24
Laura Lorenzo – 6/24
Nashad Abdurrafi – 6/26
Rodney Clark – 6/26
Joseph Kozloski – 6/26
Horace Roundtree – 6/27
Michael Ware – 6/27
Terrence Wiley – 6/28
Jonathan Atkins – 6/30
Mark Haskell – 6/30
Marcos Leite – 6/30


We found a pot of GOLD.

Who hasn’t heard about the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? So many of us grew up hearing this and related fairy tales, but strangely enough, there is now some new evidence that pots of gold actually do exist at the end of at least some rainbows:

As most of you probably know, for the past 2-3 months VTC has been heavily involved in helping Enterprise Rent-a-Car reposition thousands of rental cars in the Florida and Georgia area to various points throughout the Eastern US. We earned the opportunity to do this work thanks in no small measure to the work of Mr. Chris Gowell and his coworkers in our Business Development group, and the project has grown and expanded beyond its original scope as a direct result of the efforts made by our phenomenal group of auto haulers and staff who descended on FL and GA to actually get it done.

As the world has struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic and as volumes tendered to us by our OEM partners have diminished, we have been blessed with this opportunity to put our people to work and generate much-needed revenue for the company by moving thousands of cars from points in FL to the Atlanta Motor Speedway (where the panoramic rainbow photo was taken), and then to points beyond. The work turned into a veritable lifeline for us, and you could easily consider it to be a true “pot of gold” for VTC and it’s employees!!!

Sincere thanks and appreciation for all who were directly involved in this project, as well as to everyone who supported them!!!



The FMCSA Extension of 06/30/2020 has been moved to 09/30/2020, this is due to the backlog that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are experiencing within each state. Although this is a Federal extension, the company’s position will be managing the renewal process differently this time. Safety will not automatically push your expired CDL or Medical Card out in order for you to be dispatched. The following processes will need to take place.

As of 07/01/2020 if your CDL is scheduled to expire on 06/30/2020 or within the months of July, August, or September of 2020, you will need to contact your local DMV and schedule an appointment to renew your CDL. Safety is encouraging you to act upon this immediately since there may not be any availability for weeks. Once you received your appointment date, you will contact Safety and provide them with a “said” date. This will be your new expiration date within the dispatch system so you can continue to receive loads. Again, Safety will not adjust your current expiration date unless you provided an actual scheduled appointment date. You will also be expected to provide a copy of your renewed CDL to Safety on the “said” date. Safety is encouraging all drivers to reach out to your local DMV sooner than later since there is an overwhelming backlog and there may not be any availability for a few weeks. You must be patient but diligent when reaching out to your DMV and expect to have to call or email a few times before getting through.

In regards to your updated Medical Cards: There have been medical facilities open throughout the pandemic, the challenge was to submit a copy to your local DMV. Again since the DMVs are now open you will be expected to obtain a renewed medical card on or before it expires. If your medical card was renewed during the months of April, May, or June of 2020, please follow up with your local DMV to assure they have the updated medical card so that they do not downgrade your CDL. This is a compliance requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact Safety directly at 401-889-2380



Unsafe Driving


Crash Indicator


Hours of Service


Driver Fitness


Vehicle Maintenance



Congratulations to the following Auto Haulers for receiving clean roadside inspections in the month of May:

Samuel Hedgepeth
Leroy Lamoth


A-List Auto Haulers must be employed for the full 6 month period with no violations, no crashes, and have no CSA score.


Steven Alcott
Francisco Barragan
Demetress Bradley
Matthew Burridge
Gary Earnheart
Jerry Evans
Andrew Gringhuis
Paul Kerr
Nelson Leite
David Lewis
Mark Mackenzie
John Maynard
Adam Mayo
Thomas McCorkle
Claudio Miguel
Richard Rivera
Rick Roberge
Joseph Roberts
Damon Stinger
Adam Vogel
Nigel Walker
Scott Weaver
Steven Webb
Shawn Weyer
Ryan Wilkie


Timothy Bailey
Rafael Carattini
Raymond Costigan
William Curtis
James Dayton
Kyle Dyer
Filipi Favarato
Mitchell Franzel
Wilfredo Hernandez
Carlos Leite
Marcos Leite
Darryl Lynch
Brian Oneill
Ernesto Osorio-Ordonez
Tony Pereira
Alvaro Roque
Gary Salter
Dionisio Sanchez
Wayne A. Smith
John Steed
James Stewart
Kristopher Wesley
Rondell Winder


Mark Haskell
Milo Moore


James Campbell
Christopher Cooper
Ainsley English
William Hall
Ramon Lopez
Brian Meyer
John Murchison
Derry Nelson
Greston Padmore
David Rhea
Jose Rodriquez-Rivera
Mark Shepherd
James Simon
Raye Spivey
David Walters
Keith White
Harold Zanders


Keith Barnes
Steven Bounds
Joshua Burleson
Mario Davis
Alain Gonzalez
Dennis Horton
Anthony Kerr
Robert King
Michael Lumley
Jason Mills
Richard Monis
Kim Rhinehart
Terry Richardson
Kristan Slater
Alan Stone
Bud White
Terrence Wiley


Rodney Clark
Walter Greer
Anthony Letsche
Thomas Pitts
Scott Schudlich
David Venson


Issac Ebrahimi
Samuel Holmes
Wilbur Humphrey


Antwan Battle
Lashamian Battle
Stephen Boyd
Dario Brown
Nicholas Busby
Victor Colburn
Derrick Cook
Clarence Denson
Charles Dunham
James Fenderson
James Holliday
Julius Hubbard
Anthony Huff
Christopher Hunter
Michael Johnson
Patrick Jones
Robert King Jr.
Drew Mizell
Roy Morgan
Daniel Rivers
Ryan Rogers
Horace Roundtree
John Sandlin
Benjamin Smith
Randy Smith
Shannon Teem
Bruce Tuck
Arthur Tyler
Michael Ware
Scott Wenzinger
Desmond Zeigler


Theodore Avery
Lydia Britton
Shawn Cobbs
Cache Holmes
Dwayne Legree
Dennis Smith
Donald Thomas
Devin Wilson
Michael Wright
Myron Young

If you have questions about the FMCSA Scores or the A+ Drivers List, please contact the Safety Department!


REMINDER: Per Chrysler policy, any photos taken of Chrysler products are only to be used for damage/delivery reference only. Regardless of the nature of the vehicle, every vehicle is to be considered confidential and is not to be shared on social media or otherwise. If Chrysler discovers anyone breaking this confidentiality agreement, VTC can potentially be banned from hauling Chrysler products for one year.




Due to current Covid-19 conditions, Rhode Island has extended the current tractor registrations for a period of 90 days. This means that instead of a May 30th expiration date we have until Aug 29th to renew tractor registrations. A document from the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles has been sent to every Auto Hauler to print and keep in their truck. We will also have printed copies in dispatch offices or you can print them yourself by clicking here.


We have an updated phone system. Now, when you call into Maintenance (401-206-5104), please listen to the list of options and select the number that matches your region.

Mid-Atlantic – Press 2

Northern – Press 3

Southern – Press 4

Mid-West – Press 5

Roadboard – Press 6


A Helping Hand When You Need It.

There are times in life when you might need a little help coping or figuring out what to do. Take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program, which includes WorkLife Services and is available to you and your family in connection with your group insurance from Standard Insurance Company (The Standard). It’s confidential — information will be released only with your permission or as required by law.

Connection to Resources, Support, and Guidance.

You, your dependents (including children to age 26), and all household members can contact certified clinicians 24/7 by phone, online, live chat, email, and text. There’s even a mobile EAP app. Receive referrals to support groups, a network counselor, community resources, or your health plan. If necessary, you’ll be connected to emergency services.

The VTC Sponsored program includes up to three assessment and counseling sessions per issue. Sessions can be done in person, on the phone, or by video.

WorkLife Services.

WorkLife Services are included with the Employee Assistance Program. Get help with referrals for important needs like education, adoption, travel, daily living, and care for your pet, child, or elderly loved one.

Online Resources.

Visit workhealthlife.com/Standard3 to explore a wealth of information online, including videos, guides, articles, webinars, resources, self-assessments, and calculators.

EAP Services Can Help You and Your Loved Ones With:
Depression, grief, loss and emotional well-being
Family, marital and other relationship issues
Life improvement and goal-setting
Addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse
Stress or anxiety with work or family
Financial and legal concerns
Identity theft and fraud resolution
Online will preparation

Step-A-Thon Challenge!

On July 1st, 2020 a companywide Step Challenge will kick off through the Wellness Program!

Sign into Virgin Pulse, select the Step-A-Thon Challenge, and create your own team or join an existing team!

Teams can have up to 5 teammates.

This challenge will run the entire month of July.

What will you get for stepping more than the competition? Each member of the winning team will receive an Amazon Gift Card!

If you have any questions please reach out to Nicole Colasante at ext. 2705.


We have overcome many challenges over the last several months and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of each and every one of our teammates.

As we near the end of the second quarter of 2020, we are asking for your help in nominating a fellow co-worker/co-workers for the Pride In Your Ride Awards and the President’s Award.




Auto Howler Pepper

Pepper is 9 months old and she is part of the majestic VTC pack of Catahoula Leopard Dogs. As a youngin’, she’s still working on learning her tricks but she has already mastered the one where you knock the coat rack over multiple times a day. She loves to garden, too.. At least the digging-holes-in-the-lawn part anyway.

With distinct Catahoula traits, she is a pretty persistent dog. Put it this way.. If she was a telemarketer, you’d buy two dozen of whatever she was selling just to get her off the phone. She uses this persistence and her adorable face to get whatever she wants from her dad, Chris Gowell. This includes his slippers, which are her favorite chew toy and pig ears, which are her favorite snack. RIP to the Gowell’s coat rack and footwear.

Oh, and don’t worry about her rocking the Cone of Shame…. She was recently spayed and although she would not pass a DOT drug screening, she is perfectly fine and well.


Benefits Questions
| 401.821.2900 x2705 |

Dealer Relations
| 401.206.5203 | 401.821.2900 x3026 |

| 401.889.2381 | 401.821.2900 x3005 |

| 401.821.2900 x3033 |

| 401.889.2380 | 401.821.2900 x3007 |

Uniform Questions
| 401.821.2900 x2002 |

Human Resources
| 401.287.2523 | 401.821.2900 x3009 |

Mid-Atlantic Region
REMENTER, BURTON (302) 841-9727 4 Car Units
WARE, WILLIAM (315) 380-2625 10 Car High Rails + 9 Car Quick Loaders
ZIELEZINSKI, CHESA (443) 600-6942 4 Car Units +  9 Car Quick Loaders
Mid-West Region
BURRIDGE, MATTHEW (Canada) (289) 696-9543 10 Car High Rails + 9 Car Quick Loaders
GONCALVES, ANTHONY (973) 985-7268 9 Car Quick Loaders
KLOSNER, CHARLES (718) 578-5850 9 Car Quick Loaders
KOZLOSKI, JOSEPH (585) 339-8301 9 Car Quick Loaders
RASBERRY, JAMES (313) 421-5763 9 Car Quick Loaders
Northern Region
DESNOYERS, GREG (401) 862-8047 9 Car Quick Loaders
JOVINSKI, CRISTIANO (973) 493-6198 4 Car Units +  9 Car Quick Loaders
Road Board Operations
HODGE, JAMES (828) 447-5468 9 Car Quick Loaders
MEYER, BRIAN (609) 661-2844 9 Car Quick Loaders
SHERMAN, COREY (205) 238-9585 9 Car Quick Loaders
Southern Region
GONZALEZ, JONATHAN (423) 535-0154 9 Car Quick Loaders
GOOCH, TRAWN (904) 708-4766 10 Car High Rails + 9 Car Quick Loaders
FENDERSON, JAMES (313) 277-0488 9 Car Quick Loaders
MIZELL, DREW (205) 542-7770 9 Car Quick Loaders
GREEN, KEVIN (336) 343-7304 ALL STYLES

Download a PDF version here.

Not sure who to call? Auto Hauler Directory

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