January 2020

Welcome to the first edition of THE DRIVE, a monthly newsletter focused on all things Virginia Transportation Corporation.

In each monthly newsletter, you’ll find department updates, safety tips, quality reminders, employee shout outs, reasons to celebrate, and more.

Expect continuous growth with each edition, as that’s what we’re all about here at VTC.

We’d like to welcome all new employees that joined the VTC Family in December. We’re so happy to have you here!

Brandon Ferrara – Dispatcher, Road Board Ops
Anna Harrington – Dispatcher, Mid-Atlantic Region
Dante Harvey – Auto Hauler, Northern Region
Charles Legette – Auto Hauler, Road Board Ops
Alejandro Martinez – Auto Hauler, Road Board Ops
Jamie Matheus – Auto Hauler, Road Board Ops
Nathan Riggin – Auto Hauler, Southern Region
Aldayne Sadar – Auto Hauler, Mid-Atlantic Region
Frederick Van Bemmel – Auto Hauler, Mid-West Region
Tyrone Williams – Auto Hauler, Mid-Atlantic Region


Thank you for your dedication to our company. We could not do what we do without you.

Nicole Colasante – 3 years
Kevin Green – 3 years
Adam Ehrsam – 3 years
Turon McManus – 4 years
Raymond Cibull – 4 years
David Nawrocki – 4 years
Wayne Demarco – 5 years

Mark Haskell – 6 years
Gregory Jones – 7 years
Rudolph Brewer – 7 years
Walter Moser – 7 years
Dwayne Taylor – 7 years
Howard Lippincott – 10 years


Matthew Burridge – Jan 1st
Devin Wilson – Jan 2nd
Lashamian Battle – Jan 4th
John DePew – Jan 4th
Taylor Rose – Jan 4th
Donald Thomas – Jan 5th
Floyd Dorsey – Jan 6th
Reuben Holmes – Jan 7th
Ryan Kelly – Jan 7th
Jonathan Gonzalez – Jan 8th
Benjamin Smith – Jan 8th
Francisco Barragan – Jan 9th
Antonio Custis – Jan 9th
William Fitzpatrick – Jan 10th

Kelly King – Jan 10th
Harold Zanders, III – Jan 10th
Gregory Augustinos – Jan 11th
Jacob Cardonell – Jan 11th
Donna Fulford – Jan 11th
David Rhea – Jan 11th
Jennifer Comery – Jan 12th
Michael Flannery – Jan 13th
David Gibau – Jan 13th
James Lamb – Jan 13th
Perry Van Haaren – Jan 13th
David Addison – Jan 15th
Michelle Lewis – Jan 15th
Janice Silvia – Jan 15th

Jerry Evans – Jan 17th
Louis Ferrara – Jan 17th
Patricia Verrecchia – Jan 17th
Marsha Slater – Jan 18th
Jessica Gomez – Jan 19th
Alfred Palmer – Jan 19th
James Joslin, II – Jan 20th
Matthew Shearin – Jan 20th
Wilmer Flores – Jan 21st
Alan Liu – Jan 21st
Wayne Demarco – Jan 23rd
James Dayton – Jan 24th
Thomas McFadden – Jan 25th
Randy Smith – Jan 25th

Qadree Whitaker – Jan 25th
Samuel Soto – Jan 26th
Hector Valiente, Sr. – Jan 26th
Anthony Goncalves – Jan 27th
Joshua Ruiz – Jan 28th
Benjamin Fick – Jan 29th
Daniel Mendez – Jan 29th
Lydia Britton – Jan 30th
Larry Carter, Jr. – Jan 30th
Delvin Thompson – Jan 31st
Kenneth Tyler – Jan 31st


FMCSA Scores

December 2019

  Threshold Current
Unsafe Driving 65% 69%
Crash Indicator 65% 89%
Hours of Service 65% 38%
Driver Fitness 80% 58%
Vehicle Maintenance 80% 21%
Drug & Alcohol 80% 0%

See more about our scores on the FMCSA website


Joseph Clark, Southern Region
Davion Harden, Mid-Atlantic Region
Samuel Hedgepeth, Southern Region
Gregory Kaloyerakis, Mid-West Region
Mark Nichols, Northern Region
Kenneth Smith, Mid-Atlantic Region
Wayne A. Smith, Northern Region
Christopher Taylor, Mid-West Region


These Auto Haulers are the A+ drivers who have no HOS violations, no crashes, no CSA score, no UnSafe driving behaviors (Safety Analytics).
For more information on the Safety Scorecard, please contact the Safety Department at 401.889.2380

Matthew Aceto – Mid-West Region
Christopher Anderson – Southern Region
Jonathan Atkins – Talladega
Timothy Bailey – Northern Region
Tremaine Bailey – Personal Vehicles
Francisco Barragan – Mid-West Region
Lashamian Battle – Talladega
Daniel Beltz – Mid-West Region
Scott Bollinger – Southern Region
Steven Bounds – Southern Region
Stephen Boyd – Talladega
Demetress Bradley – Road Board Ops
Michael Bradley – Mid-West Region
Dario Brown – Talladega
Jeremy Bunt – Talladega
Joshua Burleson – Southern Region
Matthew Burridge – Mid-West Region
Melvin Busby – Winter Haven
Nicholas Busby – Talladega
Rodney Clark – Winter Haven
Derrick Cook – Talladega
Robert Cottman – Mid-Atlantic Region
Remy Curtis – Talladega
Eduardo Decarvalho – Northern Region
Clarence Denson – Talladega
Albert Dial – Talladega
James Dunaway – Talladega
Charles Dunham – Talladega
Issac Ebrahimi – Enclosed
Ainsley English – Road Board Ops
Jerry Evans – Mid-West Region
Filipi Favarato – Northern Region
James Fenderson – Talladega
William Fitzpatrick – Road Board Ops
Michael Flannery – Enclosed
Kelvin Forbes – Southern Region
Trawn Gooch – Southern Region
Edwin Green Iii – Personal Vehicles
Earnest Green – Personal Vehicles
Andrew Gringhuis – Mid-West Region
Mark Haskell – Personal Vehicles
Oscar Hernandez – Mid-Atlantic Region
James Holliday – Talladega
John Holloway – Road Board Ops
Julius Hubbard – Talladega
Steven Hubbard – Mid-West Region
Anthony Huff – Talladega
Michael Jackson – Talladega
Michael Johnson – Mid-West Region
Patrick Jones – Talladega
Gregory Kaloyerakis – Mid-West Region
Khosrow Khoshkholgh – Northern Region
Robert King Jr. – Talladega

Anthony Letsche – Southern Region
David Lewis – Mid-West Region
Graham Logan – Mid-West Region
Ramon Lopez – Road Board Ops
Michael Lumley – Southern Region
Mark Mackenzie – Mid-West Region
Daniel Mendez – Northern Region
Jason Mills – Southern Region
Drew Mizell – Talladega
Roy Morgan – Talladega
Reginald Morrissette – Southern Region
Ronald Newell – Road Board Ops
Mark Nichols – Northern Region
Greston Padmore – Road Board Ops
Marisela Pagan Gual – Mid-Atlantic Region
Alfred Palmer – Northern Region
Rayniel Pena – Northern Region
Thomas Pitts – Winter Haven
David Rhea – Road Board Ops
Kim Rhinehart – Southern Region
Terry Richardson – Southern Region
Richard Rivera – Mid-West Region
Daniel Rivers – Talladega
Joseph Roberts – Mid-West Region
Ryan Rogers – Talladega
Rex Roller – Winter Haven
Horace Roundtree – Talladega
John Sandlin – Talladega
Scott Schudlich – Winter Haven
Mark Shepherd – Road Board Ops
Corey Sherman – Road Board Ops
James Simon – Road Board Ops
Benjamin Smith – Talladega
Raye Spivey – Road Board Ops
Randall Starberg – Mid-Atlantic Region
Michael Stiverson – Enclosed
Allen Sweeney – Southern Region
Christopher Taylor – Mid-West Region
Shannon Teem – Talladega
Bruce Tuck – Talladega
Arthur Tyler – Talladega
Michael Ware – Talladega
Scott Weaver – Mid-West Region
Steven Webb – Mid-West Region
Alan Weegan – Southern Region
Scott Wenzinger – Talladega
Keith White – Road Board Ops
Ryan Wilkie – Mid-West Region
Joshua Williams – Mid-West Region
Warren Williams – Mid-Atlantic Region
Rondell Winder – Northern Region
Terry Womack – Road Board Ops



Top 5 At-Fault Damage Claims in 2019

Improper Height (above 13' 6")

Improper Vehicle Spacing / Tight Turn

Driver Error - Loading

Missed Upon Inspection

Truck Incident - Preventable by Driver

In 2019, Missed Upon Inspection claims alone cost VTC $290,620!

Let’s work together to get this number down! To help prevent missed upon inspection claims, remember to always perform two direction vehicle inspections. Walk around each vehicle twice to increase the likelihood of catching damages at different angles.

REMEMBER: The less money we spend in unnecessary damages, the more money we have to spend on employee perks and benefits such as Birthday incentive gifts and free and reduced healthcare!

How did 2019 stack up? Year-End Comparisons 2016 – 2019

In 2019 the average number of claims each month was 154, in 2018 it was 107.

VTC’s overall goal is to maintain a Damage Ratio of 0.15% or lower (or 99.85% Damage Free). We ended 2019 0.01% higher than we want to be and 0.04% higher than 2018.

VTC’s overall goal is to maintain a Damage Cost per Unit (CPU) of $2.00 or lower. We ended 2019 $0.19 higher than we want to be and $0.40 higher than 2018.


Please be aware of your air line connections and always check daily to be sure they are correct and after any time trailer is disconnected.  As general rule, they hook to the tractor in same order as they come off of the trailer.
Yellow – Sliding King Pin Line (Far Left and 80’ units will not have this line)
Red – Parking Brake (Left Middle) Also only use RED Glad hand seals on the glad hand.
Blue – Service Brake (Right middle) Also only use Blue Glad Hand Seals on the glad hands.
Black – Over-lift connection (Far right)

Remember to treat your fuel at every fuel stop over the winter months.  Treat the amount that you pump to refill the tank and not the entire tank each time.
Fuel additive options that are approved:
-Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement
-Howes “Diesel Treat” Anti Gel

All vehicle modifications must be approved by Jeff Baker prior to being completed (No Exceptions)



After much preparation, Network Planning kicked off at 4:00am on Monday, January 6th with most of the Team here in Rhode Island. Although it is a new project, the process worked on day one. On Tuesday, the process ran much more smoothly with additional rules & responsibilities taking shape.   The goal of the project is to externalize Load Make from the terminals with the intent of freeing up personnel  to better support driver needs.

The current Team Members are Dave Picard, Melvin Turcios, Geilza Giampietri, Korey Roberson, Sam Soto, and Dawn Masters.

Have questions about Network Planning? Contact networkplanning@virginiatransportation.com.



For the next Auto Hauler Quarterly Meeting, we will be hosting two separate events in the Southern Region. Dates will be March 4th & 5th. Stay tuned for more information!


Did you know that VTC is now offering free or reduced healthcare to all employees? Silver and bronze single plans are offered at no cost. All other medical plans are discounted $20.00.


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