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Guaranteed Minimum Pay:


Peace of Mind in an Unpredictable Industry:


Our Reasoning

Why are you offering Guaranteed Pay?

Our people and their quality of life mean more to us than the sign on bonus game the industry is playing right now. We also want to help shield our team from some of the unpredictability in the industry and offer some peace of mind to help relieve the stress over things in car hauling that are outside of our control.

That being said, we are now offering a voluntary Guaranteed Pay program for all VTC Auto Haulers who wish to participate.

How It Works

When would I earn Guaranteed Pay?

The Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay would only be triggered if earnings (minus bonuses) during a standard payroll week do not exceed the $1,000.00. The Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay would serve to make up any difference between lower earnings and the $1,000.00 minimum, and no Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay would be triggered on weeks where other earnings exceed the $1,000.00 minimum.

Peace of mind in your paycheck

How do I earn Guaranteed Pay?

Because we don’t believe in making our team members jump through hoops to earn the incentives we offer, this program is pretty straightforward. Here are the main requirements that determine an Auto Hauler’s eligibility for the Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay:


Minimum of 20 driving hours


No refusal of spare equipment


Minimum of 30 hours worked


No Hours Of Service violations


No refusal of dispatched loads


No Unsafe Driving behaviors

And here are the full terms and conditions of the Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Gross Pay incentive:

  • Minimum of 20 driving hours clocked during the given week.
  • Minimum of 30 total hours worked during the given week.
    • In addition to loads hauled, cleaning and maintaining equipment (to include slip-plating) may be used to accumulate the minimum hours, but cleaning and maintenance cannot be used in lieu of availing oneself to dispatch.
    • Hours spent operating a shuttle vehicle at a ramp can also contribute to total hours worked, but this option must not displace an established Shuttle Van Driver, nor can this option be exercised in lieu of availing oneself to dispatch. In the event that no freight can be assigned, any cleaning and maintenance would have to be approved and confirmed by auto hauler’s assigned dispatcher.
  • No refusal of dispatch, unless said dispatch would cause disruption in the Auto Haulers agreed-upon home time rotation or conflict with pre-approved PTO. This includes being dispatched to points outside of the Auto Hauler’s assigned region.
  • No refusal of comparable spare equipment. If an Auto Hauler’s regularly assigned truck is inoperable, the Auto Hauler must not refuse a comparable spare truck, including day cabs and 4 car units.
  • The Guaranteed Minimum Weekly Pay amount for 4 car Auto Haulers includes the existing $200.00 weekly stipend.
  • Participation in the Guaranteed Minimum Weekly Pay Program is voluntary.
    • Existing VTC Auto Haulers must sign new employment agreement and an acknowledgement form agreeing to the terms of the program.
  • This program is separate and distinct from the Inception Pay Program available to New Hires during the first six weeks employment.
    • After the sixth week of employment, newly hired Auto Haulers will be given the option to opt into the Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay Program described herein.
  • Must have a clean hours of service log for the qualifying week.
  • An Auto Hauler must avoid all unsafe driver behaviors for the qualifying week. Examples are but not limited to:
    • Actionable collisions
    • Any RSI that affects the Unsafe Driving Basic – Regulation 392
    • Speeding
    • Disobeying traffic signs / devices
    • Following to close
    • Not wearing seatbelts
    • Operating a handheld device
  • This and all other incentives are subject to change at any time at the discretion of VTC Management.

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