Management Operations Update: Dialing Things Up

Good afternoon teammates!

I want to start by quickly touching on the powerful concept of choice. The most powerful thing about choice is the power it conveys to the once making the choice!

We cannot choose the circumstances we face…but we can choose how we confront them. We can 1) choose to accept uncertainty, allow ourselves to be conditioned by the news, and peer nervously out our front windows while waiting for someone else to allow us to start living our lives again…or 2) we can choose to be ones who motivate ourselves, get ourselves out the front door, and forge a path forward by proactively reinserting ourselves into the marketplace as the safest, healthiest, and most disciplined fleet on the road.

Fate favors the go-getters and the well-prepared, so I choose option two…we are going to be the company that best protects the safety and well-being of our employees while being the most prepared and available company in the industry, actively presenting capacity and solutions to our business partners.

So, which option do you choose?

That said…

It’s time to warm up our trucks and hit the road…we’ve already got work to do for all who are ready to choose option two!!!

A pile of work is already rapidly developing in the southeast, and we’re also seeing increased activity in the upper mid-west as well. Beyond that, we are aggressively putting our name out in the market place, indicating that we’re prepared and ready to provide solutions for OEM headaches. We are going to be prepared, and we‘re planning to be the first ones to forge a safe path for others to follow…

AUTO HAULERS – We need you! Our Ops team will be reaching out to you, but I also encourage you to touch base with your Ops contacts to see how you can contribute. We want to respond to these opportunities immediately, and we can’t do it without you. As a reminder, apart from Debbie Myers, Ricky Stone and myself, here are the Ops staff members currently on duty:

· Gregg Wade – NE Region
· June Case – E Brookfield, Davisville
· Orest Luzniak – Ridgefield, Newark
· Henry DaSilva – Ridgefield, Newark
· Oscar Romero – Port Jersey
· Otavio de Siqueira – Port Jersey
· Nicole Githens – Wilmington, Twin Oaks
· Dawn Master – Wilmington, Twin Oaks
· Kelly King – Jessup, Curtis Bay
· Martha Najera – Road Board
· Brian Vogeding – Mid West, Canada
· Korey Roberson – Lincoln, BHam, Lawrenceville, Jacksonville
· Britt Iaco – W Columbia, Ridgeville
· Jessica Laliberte – Jacksonville
· David Pitts – Auctions
· Douglas Knauf – POV, Enclosed

STAFF – Let’s make sure that we’re dialing up our preparations for a steadily increasing flow of freight. Be advised that it won’t happen evenly and gradually…we have to be prepared to take unexpected big bites. Most critically, we have to protect and care for our auto haulers…let’s show them what the best support staff in the industry can do for them!

We’re working hard to get to where we can bring every one of our auto haulers and staff members back to work, and we need to produce revenue to do that…let’s go get it!

Thank you all!!!

Brian Fabó Rhodes
General Manager
VIRGINIA Transportation Corporation®
141 James P. Murphy Ind Hwy
West Warwick, RI 02893
C: 401.808.0221

Please call (401) 234-1530 to speak with a member of our team if you have any questions or concerns.

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