Best Wishes, Debbie!
September 30, 2020

For nearly two decades, Debbie Myers has made the success of Virginia Transportation her priority. She has never hesitated to make any personal sacrifice for the greater good of her team.

Mrs. Myers was our very first remote dispatcher and managed the logistic planning for our very first new automobile contract awarded by American Honda.

Many of you are used to our top of the line facilities all over the country, but Deb started in her grand office consisting of a printer inside a minivan, dispatching a few dozen drivers including Leo Doire.

From these humble beginnings, contracts and our fleet size had doubled, tripled, and then quadrupled through the efforts of dedicated team members.

There are many things to be said about this fierce and passionate woman, but by far the most important thing is that we would not be who we are or where we are today without Debbie Myers.

Thank you Debbie for always rising to every occasion and inspiring us all to work harder and be better.

We wish you the best in all your future adventures. You have surely earned it.

You will be greatly missed.

In addition to naming September 18th, 2020, and the third Friday of every of September to follow as Debbie Myers Day, we also wanted to share some well-wishes from our team here at VTC:

Congratulations on your Retirement, Debbie!

May this next chapter of your life bring you the time to do the things that drive you.

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