This is a monumental year for Virginia Transportation Corporation. Not only are we celebrating our 25th year of excellence, but on August 9th, 2019, we also celebrated the delivery of Truck #100069.

Features of Truck #100069

• Peterbilt truck
• Platinum Interior
• Paccar Engine paired with a manual transmission
• Outfitted with an APU (auxiliary power unit for climate control and electricity)
• Extended Wheel Base
• Upgraded Stainless Steel Accent package
• Upgraded LED Marker Light package
• Cottrell NexGen Strap Head ramp and Trailer paired with Quixspinz Ratchets

For those who are counting, #100069 is not really Leo’s “thousandth truck” – the true truck count probably exceeds 12-13 hundred by now – but #100069 is symbolic of a significant milestone that helps give perspective and put a scale to the tremendous growth and progress that Virginia Tranportation Corporation made.

“This very special person couldn’t physically join us here today, but she’s with us every single day in name and in spirit, and none of this would be possible nor would any one of us be here without her – her name is VIRGINIA. Leo, we pray that everything we do brings honor to her name, and that we’ve done right by your decision to name the company after her. So I’ll ask everyone to join me as I raise an imaginary glass for a simple toast – TO VIRGINIA!!!” Brian Rhodes, General Manager, Virginia Transportation

“I get thanked a lot for what I’ve done in this company, but I’m just one person. This is just a fraction of our company standing here today and you guys make this happen every day. I can’t do this without you. I can’t drive 1000 trucks by myself. I can’t support 1000 trucks by myself. I can’t dispatch 1000 trucks by myself. I can’t fix 1000 trucks by myself. I can’t do the safety on 1000 trucks by myself. It takes each and every one of you to support this because I’m just one person and you guys are the company. Thank you very much for all the hard work that you have done. Now let’s double down and do it again for the next 25 years. Congratulations to you guys!” – Leo Doire, President & CEO, Virginia Transportation Corporation

The Story of the Red Couch

“Mike Crouse is the guru of car haulers. If you wanted to buy a new car hauler and it was a Peterbilt, you had to buy it from Mike Crouse back in the day. He didn’t have any competition way back then. So, you would go to Winter Haven, Florida that he, his brother and his father used to own and there was this old couch out in the front hallway. You know when you went to the butcher store and you had to wait your turn to get your meat? Well, Mike didn’t have the number counter. He had three seats on that couch. As far as you were to the right, you were the next one in line so I know that Adam and I spent many hours on this couch waiting for Mike so we could buy a new truck. Doesn’t make any sense.. We were there to hand him money and we had to wait for him.. But today, you delivered me a truck! Thank you very much for your partnership and for being an integral part of the success of this company.” -Leo Diore, President & CEO, Virginia Transportation Corporation

Nick Digeralamo of American Honda was with us to celebrate the day as well. He offered Leo and the team many kind words of congratulations as he explained how VTC hauls just shy of 700,000 cars for American Honda per year.
Rich Daniels and Steve Kezman of BMO Transportation Finance presented Leo with a token of their appreciation; a beautiful crystal truck commemorating VTC’s 25+ years in business.
Greg Arscott, Dealer Principal & President, The Pete Store, and his brother Tyler presented Leo with a letter of congratulations from Jason Scoog, President of Peterbilt. Tyler’s first job was working at The Pete Store in Greenville, SC to help get Truck #100069 ready for delivery.
Mike Crouse sold Leo Truck #169, so it was only fitting that he be a part of the celebration of Truck #100069. Mr. Crouse actually drove Truck #100069 up from North Carolina himself and hand-delivered it to Leo on this special day.

Virginia Transportation Corporation is hiring experienced Auto Haulers. To apply, please click here or call (401) 206-5114.